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Pat Swan 1988-1989
Diane Bronk 1989-1990

]in 1988-1990, the LWC focused on the need to provide community meeting space. The old library building was leased from the city and remodeled. Work included painting, removing tile, hanging sheetrock, adding carpeting and draperies, and wallpapering. The Club signed a lease with the City of Lilburn. The LWC administers the rental of the Annex building to members of the community and takes responsibility for maintaining and improving the facility. We have space to organize the Club's material and store documents and awards. Club members assisted the public library as it moved to a new location by shelving books and assisting with the dedication and Open House.

The club also: Supported a student who was part of the People to People High School Ambassador Program; Started an Adopt an Eagle program in a local school; Began consideration of a Waste Management plan for Lilburn; Organized a benefit dance; Participated in the Arthritis Foundation Telethon; and 17,000 people attended the 1988 Lilburn Daze Festival which raised $7,596.

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