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Civic Engagement & Outreach

Formerly known as Public Issues. Renamed in 2020 to

better reflect its mission.


Inspires advocacy and highlights proven historic involvement in

investigating and developing programs focused on veterans,

citizenship, and safety.


Projects focus on fostering civic involvement, the importance of voting, and increasing safety for all ages in the home, community, and on the highway.


Provides education and information on legislative and safety issues for women and children.  Reminds members to change batteries in smoke detectors, provides fire safety information, and coordinates self-defense and CPR classes.  Collects snack items and mails packages to active military personnel overseas.

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CEO will be collecting 
Treat for Troops:

February 11
May 9
August 8
November 14

Contact Kathy Mattox for 
delivery information.


The Civic Engagement and Outreach Program of the Lilburn Woman’s Club (LWC) partnered with The 917 Society to distribute approximately 1800 pocket copies of the US Constitution to eighth graders in Lilburn, Trickum and Berkmar Middle Schools. This project was timed to coincide with Constitution Day, held on Friday, September 17, 2021. The front page of the pocket Constitution provides a space for both teachers and students to sign their names. The back page has a copy of the Oath of Citizenship and also has a space for signatures. We are very proud to be able to distribute this very important document to our eighth graders.

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