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Civic Engagement & Outreach

Formerly known as Public Issues. Renamed in 2020 to

better reflect its mission.


Inspires advocacy and highlights proven historic involvement in

investigating and developing programs focused on veterans,

citizenship, and safety.


Projects focus on fostering civic involvement, the importance of voting, and increasing safety for all ages in the home, community, and on the highway.


Provides education and information on legislative and safety issues for women and children.  Reminds members to change batteries in smoke detectors, provides fire safety information, and coordinates self-defense and CPR classes.  Collects snack items and mails packages to active military personnel overseas.

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1,950 Pocket Constitutions were donated by the Lilburn Woman’s Club to all 3 Lilburn Middle School 8th grade classes in honor of 9/17 which is recognized each year as Constitution Day in the USA.


In addition to the 8th grade constitution focus this month, Berkmar, Lilburn and Trickum Middle Schools were asked to participate with photography or videos in a contest the “917 Society” provider of the donated items is holding across the nation. The prize for the winning schools is a $200 Visa gift card.


A special thanks to the Asst/Principals Social Study teachers and office staff for their cooperation, participation and warm welcome the Civic Engagement and Outreach Committee (CEO) volunteers received to make this project a success.


Acting upon their mission of living the volunteer spirit, six members participated in this third year of presenting the constitutions as a CEO Volunteer committee project.


Thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers, The 917 Society successfully reached 1.3 million 8th graders across all 50 states in 2022. We had an increase of 164 students for the project year ‘23.


As was expressed to the students the importance of this project by reading the quotation inside the front cover by George Washington for “the future guardians of the liberties of the country”. They are Our Why!”

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