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environment-csp logo 2020.jpg
environment-csp logo 2020.jpg

Formerly known as Conservation. Renamed in 2020 to better reflect its mission.


Advances an understanding of an appreciation for all aspects of our environment and the world's natural and man-made resources.


Focuses on beautification and resource conservation through projects such as the Healing Garden and Garden of Hope in Lilburn City Park, Tree USA Certification for City of Lilburn, and the Lilburn Post Office grounds.


Educates members and others about recycling, composting, and environmental awareness.

Environment encourages all members to
promote native plants to support birds in our yards.
Need resources to locate native plants:
Plants for Birds (
 Georgia Native Plants

The Conservation Program had a booth at the Lilburn Farmers Market during the 'Dog Days of Summer: bring your dog to the market celebration distributing free doggie items, information about dog related issues and making many 4-legged friends so happy.

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