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Faye Moore

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In November 1972, ten women concerned about the needs of their community met to organize a club which has become the Lilburn Woman's Club, Inc of Gwinnett County in the state of Georgia. A temporary chairman and secretary were elected, and a By-law Committee was appointed.

Mrs. Selma Chesley, Georgia Federation of Women's Club's (GaFWC) Ninth District President, met with the club on December 7, 1972, to explain the work of the GaFWC and the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GWFC), an international organization of community-based volunteer women's clubs. These organizations emphasize service in departments of The Arts, Conservation, Education, Home Life, International Affairs, and Public Affairs and provide the direction, support and leadership for the goals of the club. By-laws were accepted, and a Nomination Committee and a Standing Rules Committee were drawn. In January 1973, officers were elected, and the Standing Rules were presented and accepted.

The club was named the Lilburn Woman's Club. The colors chose to represent the club are red, white and blue. The theme of the club is 'Community Concern.' The Club Flower is the azalea. In March of 1973, the Lilburn Woman's Club received its Charter from the Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs. The Charter of the General Federation of Women's Clubs was received in January 1974. The charter members were Gayle Brown, Shirley Cobb, Betty Ann Dubois, Margaret Farr, Nancy Giltmier, Lynne Johansen, Gail Kruegler, Linda Law, Dee Leierzapf, Glenda Liddle, Doris Mann, Susan McLaughlin, Faye Moore, Mary Osborne, Mary Ann Ryan, Mary Osborne, Mary Ann Ryan, Barbara Vaughn, Janet Webster, Pat Wicks, Sara Williamson, and Lynn Woods. The first president was Faye Moore.

In its formative year, the club assessed the needs of the community. Immediate needs were the identity of the city and local businesses and services. Funds were raised for two redwood 'Welcome to Lilburn' signs which were donated and landscaped. The club published a 5-page business directory and distributed 3000 copies. Continuing to emphasize work in the departments of Education and Public Affairs during its first year, over 2,500 signatures in support of a traffic light signal were obtained and a community Drug seminar was held. Two electric marking pens were purchased for club members to identify valuable household items as a burglary preventative measure. The pens were then donated to the police department. LWC supported a school bond referendum and sponsored a program with a qualified speaker to inform members of educational changes. The club sponsored 2 Girl Scout Troops, one of which presented a Flag Ceremony at a General Meeting. The club collected and donated a used sofa and chair for a Fifth Grade Reading Center. One of the club's first fundraisers was a Flea Market which earned $38.00 for Tallulah Falls Schools. The first handbook was published, and members received leadership training concerning parliamentary procedure. The first Family of the Year were Mr. and Mrs. Victor Farr and the first Clubwoman of the Year was Faye Moore. In its first year, the club spent $279.10 supporting community projects.

The following is a list of the first elected officers.

President: Faye Moore

First Vice President: Susan McLaughin

Second Vice President: Sara Williamson

Recording Secretary: Janet Webster

Corresponding Secretary: Margarett Farr

Treasurer: Pat Wicks

The following is a list of the first appointed officers and chairmen:

Historian: Mary Osborne

Social Chairman: Linda Law

Publicity Chairman: Margarett Farr

Tallulah Falls School Chairman: Mary Ann Ryan

Telephone Committee Chairman: Nancy Giltmier

Education Department Chairman: Glenda Liddle

Public Affairs Department Chairman: Lynne Johansen

With "Community Concern" as its theme, the club has emphasized 2-year community improvement goals since its beginning. In 1974 - 1976, the first goal was to provide improved local library service to Lilburn. The local library was housed in an abandoned cannery behind a local school. Members worked to provide a more suitable location by renovating an old house which was moved to a new location. Members provided children's library services: organizing Vacation Reading Club forms and distributing them to 4 local elementary schools, volunteering time at the library by doing clerical duties, assisting with Vacation Reading Club, and conducting a Summer Story Hour. By recycling, catering, home commission parties, and baking and selling concession goods, the club raised $96 for children's books and $226 for renovation of the library building. In addition, the club solicited support from the Regional Library Board and the Lilburn City Council for a serviceable library facility in Lilburn.

The first Lilburn Arts & Crafts Festival was held at Lilburn Square on May 18, 1974 and raised $144. The club also spent over $400 helping needy families, disabled children, a leukemia patient, awarded the first Lilburn Woman's Club Scholarship ($200). In 1974, LWC supported health needs in our community by providing 25 layettes and volunteer hours for a prenatal clinic, supporting American Cancer Society projects (breast screening clinic, mobile health van, cookbook sales), and sponsoring a Bloodmobile.

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