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Betty McMahon 1976-1977

Karen Bradford 1977-1978

Beautification of our community was the goal for 1976-1978. By involving the Bicentennial Committee, City Council, businessmen, county officials, scouts and other organizations, a new City Hall was built, the library and 'Welcome to Lilburn' signs were landscaped and club members weeded each area on a schedule. Club members planted 119 dogwoods down Indian Trail and purchased 3500 dogwood trees (1976) and 2000 mimosas (1977) and prepared them for distribution at elementary schools for Arbor Day. The club surveyed the Lilburn area to identify junk cars and dumps. With cooperation of the City Council and police department, junk cars were removed. Clean-up days in the fall and spring of each year were held with prizes given to the group bringing in the most trash. A visual appraisal of our community was made with Georgia Power's assistance. A Litter Prevention Education campaign was held as a result. LWC initiated plans to convert the Lilburn Landfill into a recreational park. Business for Beauty Awards were begun in the community.

Other projects included: Dail-a-Story at the library, Volunteering as Learning Disability aides, Volunteering at 2 Swine Flu Clinics, 2- $200 Scholarships, Programs for senior citizens, 'Be a Buckler,' Shoplifting is a Crime, Celebrating United Nations Week by flying the United Nations flag. The Lilburn Arts and Crafts Fair became officially known as the 'Lilburn Daze Festival' and was held at K-Mart on Hwy 29 in 1976 and on Indian Trail at the water works in 1977. It was our first rain out, first Barbecue, and first time to raise over $1000. The club was awarded our highest honor, the GaFWC Federation Cup, for work done in 1977-1978 under Karen Bradford's presidency.

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