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Diana Glymph 1982-1983
Judy Garner 1983-1984

In 1982-1984, the club focused on the health needs of the community. The club established the Lifelines Emergency Response system. Working with the Hospital Authority and organizations across the county the club raised over $15,000 for the project. The effort was the first time GaFWC clubs in the county undertook a cooperative project. Funds were raised by a county-wide Pancake Breakfast at McDonalds, the 'Game of Lilburn', recycling funds, and appeals to local clubs.


Other components included the distribution of 5500 Vials of Life Kits, a Nutrition Awareness Program, the 'Ageless Cookbook', participation in a Cancer Prevention Study, purchasing 8 bullet proof vests for the Lilburn Police Department, and providing activities for senior citizens, such as, the Pat a Pet Program. 

In addition, the club sponsored a CPR class, brought the Traveling Show of Contemporary Art to the community, designed and distributed Watt Saver coloring books, coordinated the county's 250th celebration of Georgia's birthday, cross-stitched name tags for each other, and celebrated our 10th anniversary. 

The 1982 Lilburn Daze Festival included the dedication of Lilburn City Park.

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