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Sally Baker 1980-1981
Diane Young 1981-1982

The LWC focus for 1980 - 1982 was on Crime Prevention. The club spearheaded a county-wide coalition for prevention of shoplifting resulting in participation by 20 community organizations which provided 24 school programs, radio and national cable television documentaries, newspaper articles, 'No Joke' the Clown, and distribution of 19,000 coloring books (designed by a club member), stickers, decals, signs, and parent pamphlets. The program won $300 in the GFWC Shoplifting Prevention Contest and received national attention as it was sent to President Reagan's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives for review.


Also the club co-sponsored a new GaFWC club, supported FREE by initiating a community and GaFWC 9th District free enterprise poll and providing 3 television editorials, Promoted Energy Week with Wood Energy and Gougetron the Energy Robot displays, adopted an animal at the Atlanta Zook hosted an international visitor and a refugee family at the annual family picnic, distributed Safety Bug coloring books, made 200 bed aprons for the health care center, purchased the Classic Film series for the schools, and raised the scholarship to $500. 

In 1980, the club's nominee, Faye Moore, was selected as 1 of 7 winners in the GFWC 1981 Distinguished Volunteer Awards Program. She represented the club in Washington D.C. and received a Steuben Crystal Eagle in a White House ceremony on September 10, 198, presented by the First Lady Nancy Reagan. Our motto, 'There are no strangers here, only friends we have not met' was chosen in 1981. 

The 1980 Lilburn Daze Festival parade was the last as the 1981 Lilburn Daze Festival's parade was rained out. 

Felicia Tanzosch served as our first 9th District President in 1980 - 1982.

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