For the past 47 years the Lilburn Woman's Club has worked diligently to maintain a steady positive impact on our community.  In 2019 alone approximately $52,000 was invested in our community by our hardworking members.  These funds included $7,700 awarded in scholarships and $3,900 donated to the Lilburn School Care Teams along with over 1400 dictionaries donated to Lilburn 3rd graders.

Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, our annual fundraiser of Lilburn Daze has had to be cancelled to protect our community.  This has resulted the loss of our primary annual fundraiser used to support many of our projects and community outreach.  In an effort to maintain our work in the Lilburn community, we are offering an opportunity to support our endeavors by making a tax deductible donation in the amount of $47 ($1 for each year of our community outreach) by purchasing a Certificate of Support.  By making this purchase, you will receive a printed certificate for display in your place of business along with the satisfaction of sharing your support of the Lilburn Woman's Club with your patrons/family.

We sincerely appreciate your consideration to become a LWC Patron to allow us to continue our commitment to the Lilburn community.

P.O. Box 54     Lilburn, Georgia  30048