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Accomplishments: This was the 25th year of the Lilburn Woman's Club! An anniversary celebration was held at Killian Hall on November 8, 1998. After lunch, a presentation "This Is Your Life - LWC" was given. Faye Moore told of the beginning years. Pat Swan and Diane Bronk held a Past President's Parade. Charter member, Sara Williamson, presented a history of the Annual 2nd Saturday in October Lilburn Daze Festival, and Doris Hutchins presented a "Look to the Future"! Twenty-five trees were planted in the city of Lilburn commemorating LWC's 25th anniversary. Three of these Kwansan cherry trees were dedicated to Doris Mann, Faye Moore, and Sara Williamson for their 25 years of service in LWC.

This year in cooperation with Winn Dixie, LWC was instrumental in raising significant funds at the 25th Lilburn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival for construction of the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge. Winn Dixie provided pumpkins, hay bales and accompanying decorations. Pumpkin sales netted $700.00, LWC sent a $1,000.00 check to the American Cancer Society for this project. The Winn Dixie Hope Lodge opened as a home away from home for cancer patients and their families. 

Other funds raised during this year were used to aid beautification of downtown Lilburn, academic scholarships, and community safety awareness programs. $2,500 was donated as a commemorative gift for a new city sign and clock to help create a proper entry for Lilburn at the Main Street intersection and Lawrenceville Highway. Additional funds were provided for landscaping, trees and shrubs at this location.

The president reflects how LWC has helped balance the old and the new Lilburn community and continues to provide funds for valuable philanthropic service to meet community needs over these past twenty-five years.